rem acu tango

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Alternative forms[edit]


From rem the accusative of res (thing, matter, issue) + acū (with a needle), the ablative of acus (a needle) + tangō (I touch). Literally meaning "I touch the issue with a needle, "I touch the matter with a needle" or "I touch it with a needle".


rem acū tangō

  1. (idiomatic) I hit the nail on the head

Usage notes[edit]

  • Usually used in the active perfect second person singular form rem acū tetigistī ("you have touched the matter with a needle"; you have hit the nail on the head), the word rem is sometimes omitted as in acū tetigistī ("you have touched with a needle"- you have hit the nail on the head). It is also used in the third person; rem acū tetigit ("he touched it with a needle"- he has hit the nail on the head).[1]



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