rent boy

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Alternative forms[edit]


From rent + boy. A male is said to be a rent boy if he rents his body out sexually for compensation.


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rent boy (plural rent boys)

  1. (chiefly UK, informal) A typically young, usually gay, male prostitute
    • 1992. Donald James West, Buz De Villiers, "Male prostitution", Page 93
      An Irishman came up to him, bought him a drink, asked him if he was a rent boy and agreed to give £40 for coming back
    • 2002. Lauren Henderson. "Strawberry Tattoo"
      He plays a pimp who falls in love with a rent boy.
    • 2007. John Patrick. "Dangerous Boys, Rent Boys", Page 12
      Just then, a rent boy with perfect white teeth and a babyface flashed me one of those unforgettable Thai smiles
    My fat friend has to hire rent boys if he wants to get laid because he can't find anyone he finds attractive that find his obesity attractive, pretty sad.