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From some +‎ whither


somewhither (not comparable)

  1. To some indeterminate place; to some place or other; to somewhere
    • 1897, William Morris, “Chapter IV. Of the Slaying of Friend and Foe”, in The Water of the Wondrous Isles[1], Fantasy, Project Gutenberg, published 2005, page 157:
      ... so that the said plain looked even as a wide green highway leading ... somewhence to somewhither.
    • 1922, Katherine (Fullerton) Gerould, Lost Valley, a Novel[2], Harper, Pennsylvania State University, published 2010, page 437:
      The stirring of the wind was pleasantly ominous to Reilly: it was quickening, encouraging, hostile to inertia; it came somewhence and was going somewhither.