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Apparently an alteration of squash, influenced by obsolete squiss (to squeeze). Cognate with Scots squische, squies (to crush, squeeze). Compare also Old Provençal esquichar (to squeeze, squish). See also squeeze.



squish (plural squishes)

  1. The sound or action of something, especially something moist, being squeezed or crushed.
  2. (politics, informal, derogatory) A political moderate (term used by conservative activists in the 1980s).
  3. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) (informal) An aromantic or platonic attraction (by analogy with crush).
    • 1999 November 21, Jennifer Usher, “A Transgendered Revolution!”, soc.support.transgendered[1], retrieved on 2015-01-03,
      WHY do you think I find it so disturbing? Diane having a squish on me.
    • 2013, Anonymous, "The 'A' in LGBT", Counterpoint (Wellesley College), Volume 35, Issue 1, September 2013, page 8:
      After feeling these concerns, I was happy to learn about squishes and queerplatonic partners (also known as zucchinis, for some reason unclear to me).


squish (third-person singular simple present squishes, present participle squishing, simple past and past participle squished)

  1. To squeeze, compress, or crush (especially something moist).
    The sandwich tasted fine, even though it got squished in his lunchbox.


Derived terms[edit]