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Probably alteration of French taïaut (interjection used in deer-hunting), from Middle French tahou, tayo, from Old French taho, ta ho, tielau (interjection given to hounds to return), composed of ta (particle used to prod animals) + ho ! (halt!, hold!). More at ho.



  1. (UK) used to urge on a fox hunt, especially when the fox is sighted.
    There he is! Coming out of that coppice! Tallyho tallyho tallyho!
  2. a simple greeting, exclusively used by the upper classes.
    Tallyho chaps! What's the time, anybody?

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tallyho (plural tallyhos)

  1. the interjection.
    Alright, I'll give them the old tallyho.
  2. (dated) A pleasure coach.
    • 1900, Rebecca Sophia Clarke, Jimmy, Lucy, and All
      They could not come to-day; there would have been hardly room for them in the tallyho.


tallyho (third-person singular simple present tallyhos, present participle tallyhoing, simple past and past participle tallyhoed)

  1. to articulate the interjection.
    I'll tallyho once we've got to the top.