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Spanish ordinal numbers
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    Ordinal : tercero
    Cardinal : tres


From Latin tertiārius, from tertius.

Alternative forms[edit]

  • (adjective, first): (abbreviation) m, f


tercero m (feminine tercera, masculine plural terceros, feminine plural terceras)

  1. third


Usage notes[edit]

Most Spanish adjectives appear after the modified noun when used attributively. Forms of tercero, however, can appear before the modified noun.

When used before the modified masculine singular noun, the apocopate form tercer is used instead of tercero:

Es el tercer hijo.
[He] is the third son.
Es el hijo tercero.
[He] is the third son.

This adjective is often used substantively, with the modified noun implied but omitted.

¿Cuál hijo es? Es el tercero.
Which son is [he]? [He] is the third [son].


tercero m (plural terceros)

  1. (law) third party
  2. mediator

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