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'que (countable and uncountable, plural 'ques)

  1. (US, informal) Clipping of barbeque.
    • 1979, New West, volume 4, part 1, page 128:
      There was nothing left on the plate but some 'que sauce and a bit of Wonder Bread.
    • 2001, Doug Worgul, The Grand Barbecue: A Celebration of the History, Places, Personalities and Techniques of Kansas City Barbeque (→ISBN), page 71:
      Truth, Justice and the BBQ way / In a world full of Arby[sic] 'ques and McRibs, []
    • 2003, Steven Raichlen, BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America (→ISBN), page 599:
      But for 'que it's probably better known as the Pimlico or Churchill Downs of competition barbecue.
    • 2004 September-October, American Cowboy, volume 11, number 2, page 53:
      Although the blue haze you see rising from a Western skyline is often that of a barbecue pit, the quest for 'que is one that's been undertaken in the East as well as the West. In fact, some of the earliest barbecue can be traced back to the East []
    • 2013, A History of South Carolina Barbeque (→ISBN), page 90:
      But he cooked such good barbeque that one day, Albert Hartley, who's long dead now, said, "Why don't you cook up some 'que and sell it? People would come buy it if you cooked it."

Usage notes[edit]

This short form can even be found in works that spell the long form barbecue rather than barbeque.