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From Latin abacus, abax; from Ancient Greek ἄβαξ (ábax, board or slab).



àbac m (plural àbacs)

  1. An abacus. (calculating frame with beads constrained to rows by grooves or wires)
  2. (archaic) In the Middle Ages, a mathematics textbook.
  3. A mathematical table.
  4. (billiards) score string
  5. An abacus. (sand tray used for drawing or calculating)
  6. (architecture) An abacus. (uppermost prismatic member of a column)
  7. (games) A checkerboard or a chessboard.
  8. (furniture, archaic) An abacus. (compartmented tray or table used to store valuables)
  9. (furniture, modern) More generally, now used for any table.
  10. A sluice, especially one used for mining.
  11. (construction) An abacus. (plates of stone or metal used to cover a surface)


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