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Alternative forms[edit]


än (yet) + nu (now)


  • IPA(key): /²ɛnːɵ/, /ɛˈnʉː/
  • (file)


ännu (not comparable)

  1. (Finland) another, else
    Det var ännu något som jag ville säga.
    There was something else I wanted to say.



ännu (not comparable)

  1. (with the negative) yet, thus far
    Jag har inte sett honom ännu. / Jag har ännu inte sett honom.
    I haven't seen him yet.
  2. still, even (in comparisons)
    Jag gillar min bil, men den här är ännu bättre!
    I like my car, but this one here is even better!
  3. yet another; in addition; still another point to a list
    Detektiven hittade ännu ett möjligt motiv för mordet.
    The detective found yet another possible motive for the murder.
  4. still, up to a time
    Det finns hopp ännu!
    There is still hope.

Usage notes[edit]

thus far
There are two options for the word order when using "ännu", as in the examples. The synonym "än" is however only used with the first option: "Jag har inte sett honom än." - but it is not used with a negative.
There are some slight nuances in the meaning of the words, in that "inte ännu"/"ännu inte" might imply that one isn't quite certain if it ever will happen, while "inte än" implies a certain degree of confidence that it will happen (sooner or later).
Concerning the synonyms: "hittills" is only used about conditions which have been true up to the present time.
yet another
Compare word order for the different synonyms:
  • ännu ett motiv
  • ytterligare ett motiv
  • ett motiv till
As for meaning, 'till' can be translated as "another" while 'ännu' and 'ytterligare' are "yet another". In Finland ännu can however mean ytterligare, see the adjective header.


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