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ædify (third-person singular simple present ædifies, present participle ædifying, simple past and past participle ædified)

  1. Obsolete spelling of edify
    • 1828, Algernon Herbert, Nimrod: A Discourse on Certain Passages of History and Fable, volume III, page 4:
      And of higher dissuasive reasons, thus much at least was known to the priests of the dispersion, that the judgments of a superior power weighed upon mankind, and could no more be resisted until the prophetic epocha of their reversal or mitigation, than an other[sic] son of the Ἀμφιβοητος Ὀφις could make a renovated Babel “the beginning of his kingdom,” or than Julian could re-ædify the City of David and reverse the outlawry of her citizens.