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ʼá- ‎(lexical prefix) + -y- ‎(3rd person object prefix) + -Ø- ‎(3rd person subject prefix) + -ł- ‎(classifier) + -nééh ‎(imperfective verb stem). The initial consonant of the stem has been lost, and the ł-classifier has been reanalyzed as part of the stem.



  1. he/she is making it
    bááh ádeiilnééh — we are making bread.

Usage notes[edit]

Both áshłaa and íishłaa are acceptable first-person singular perfective forms of this verb.


IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person áshłééh íilnééh ádeiilnééh
2nd person ánílééh óhłééh ádaahłééh
3rd person íílééh ádeilééh
4th person ájílééh ádajilééh
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person áshłaa íilyaa ádeiilyaa
2nd person íinilaa óohłaa ádaoohłaa
3rd person áyiilaa ádayiilaa
4th person ájiilaa ádajiilaa
FUTURE singular duoplural plural
1st person ádeeshłííł ádiilnííł ádadiilnííł
2nd person ádíílííł ádoohłííł ádadoohłííł
3rd person íidoolííł ádeidoolííł
4th person ázhdoolííł ádazhdoolííł
ITERATIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person ánéishʼįįh ánéiilʼįįh áńdeiilʼįįh
2nd person ánéilʼįįh ánáoołʼįįh áńdaoołʼįįh
3rd person ánáyiilʼįįh áńdayiilʼįįh
4th person áńjiilʼįįh áńdajiilʼįįh