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Via some other European language, ultimately from Late Latin ethica, from Ancient Greek ἠθική ‎(ēthikḗ), from ἠθικός ‎(ēthikós, of or for morals, moral, expressing character), from ἦθος ‎(êthos, character, moral nature).


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ētika f (4th declension)

  1. ethics (philosophical discipline that studies morality and the concepts of right and wrong)
    normatīvā ētika — normative ethics
    marksistiskā ētika — Marxist ethics
    materiālistiskā ētika — materialistic ethics
    ideālistiskā ētika — idealistic ethics
  2. ethics (a specific system of standard for an individual's conduct, especially a member of a profession)
    darba ētika — work ethics
    sporta ētika — sports ethics


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