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Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin mōrālis.


morāle f (5th declension)

  1. morality (historically determined system of norms, rules, and principles that regulate human action in society and in relation to other people)
    reliģiskā morāle — religious morality
    darba morāle — work morality
    ģimenes morāle — family morality
    profesionālā morāle — professional morality
    starptautisko attiecību morālemorality of international relations
    morāles kritērijs, princips, normasmoral criterion, principle, norms
    morāles prasībasmoral requirements
  2. moral, lesson (ethical conclusion, significance, teaching of something)
    stāsta, fabulas morāle — the moral of the story, of the fable
    notikuma morāle — the moral, lesson of the incident


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