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œconomical (comparative more œconomical, superlative most œconomical)

  1. Archaic spelling of economical.
    • 1815?, Captain Dugald Carmichael, F.L.s., the Rev. Colin Smith [ed.], Biographical Notice of the late Captain Dugald Carmichael, F.L.s., volume 2, >page 343; quoted in:
    • 1883, William Jackson Hooker [ed.], Botanical miscellany […], page 39:
      “ […] If the Europæans could, by the force of example, lead the wealthy Hindoos to enlarge the scale of their personal expenditure, it would tend to give them a disrelish for the unmeaning festivals of Doorga Pooja, and pave the way in all probability for a more œconomical creed. […] ”