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ǀkxʻàa (tone II, class 2, plural ǀkxʻàa-tê, diminutive kâ-ǀkxʻàa-bà or kâ-ǀkxʻàa-ʘàa)

  1. hand
    • ǀkxʼàa-tê ń ʘkxʼúm
      • My hands are good (i.e. successful in administering ritual)
  2. arm
  3. wrist
  4. front paw or front leg of an animal
  5. strap
  6. handle
  7. branch with leaves

Usage notes[edit]

When possessed, the word for hand is ǀkxʻàa. When alienated, the word is ǀkxʻāa, the plural is ǀkxʻāa-tê and it is a member of Noun Class 3 and Tone Class I.