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Alternative forms[edit]


Proper noun[edit]

Илья́ (Ilʹjám anim (genitive Ильи́, nominative plural Ильи́, genitive plural Иле́й)

  1. A male given name, Ilya, equivalent to English Elijah


Derived terms[edit]

Two diminutive or endearing forms are common in modern Russian, Илю́ша (Iljúša) and Илью́ша (Ilʹjúša), which differ in soft-sign "ь". Both are correct. The absence of the soft sign is explained by modern orthography in terms of softening consonant "л" by vowel "ю". The presence of the soft sign is also correct, because this name is a derivative from Jewish name Elijah, which is literally a combination of two words "Eli" and "Yahu", meaning "My God is YH". Therefore it is natural separating these two syllables by soft-sign. Traditionally, the root of the word is defined as "Иль", where soft-sign is mandatory.


  • Armenian: Իլյա (Ilya)
  • Czech: Ilja
  • English: Ilya
  • Estonian: Ilja
  • German: Ilja
  • Latvian: Iļja
  • Slovak: Iľja