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From Old East Slavic Кыевъ ‎(Kyevŭ).

The traditional etymology is from the name of a legendary founder, кии ‎(kii), mentioned in the Hypatian Codex (see Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv in Wikipedia). Compare Ukrainian Кий ‎(Kyj), Russian Киев ‎(Kíjev), from Кий ‎(Kij). However, historian Michael Hrushevsky warned that this was an “etymological myth”.

A proposal by linguist Jaroslav Rudnyckyj holds that Київ comes from кий ‎(kyj, stick, pole), meaning a settlement palisaded киями ‎(kýjamy, by poles). This etymology has been accepted by several émigré linguists, and supported by multiple lines of evidence. In turn, the word comes from Proto-Slavic *kyjь ‎(pole, hammer), from Proto-Indo-European *kū-i̯os ‎(pole, hammer), *kāu̯-, *kəu̯-, related to Proto-Indo-European *kūti ‎(to hit), from *koutei.

Compare Middle Ukrainian Києв ‎(Kyjev), Кіевъ ‎(Kievъ), Киевъ ‎(Kyevъ), Old Ukrainian Кїєвь ‎(Kijev’).


Proper noun[edit]

Ки́їв ‎(Kýjivm inan ‎(genitive Ки́єва)

  1. Kiev (capital of Ukraine)


Derived terms[edit]