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Old East Slavic[edit]

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Alternative forms[edit]

The main deviations:

  • the оу digraph or simply у: роусьскыи, рꙋсьскыи, русьскыи
  • double or single с: русьскыи, русскыи, руськыи
  • the absence or presence of the yer: русьскыи, русскыи, рускыи, руськыи
  • the ы or и: русьскыи, русьскии.


From Русь(Rusĭ) +‎ -ьскъ(-ĭskŭ).


русьскъ ‎(rusĭskŭ)

  1. Rusian (from or related to Kievan Rus)


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Derived terms[edit]