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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Turkic *sīĺč (swelling, tumor).

Cognate with Old Uyghur [script needed] (šiš, swelling, tumor); Uzbek shish (swelling, tumor), Khakas сіс (sìs, swelling, abscess), Turkish şiş (swelling, bump).


шеш (šeš)

  1. swelling on the skin, bump
  2. boil, abscess
  3. tumour

Etymology 2[edit]

From Proto-Turkic *sīĺ (spit, pointed stick or pole).

Cognate with Kyrgyz шиш (şiş, pointed wooden pole; spit), Southern Altai шиш (šiš), Tuvan шиш (şiş, spit), Turkish şiş (skewer), etc.


шеш (šeš)

  1. skewer, spit, a metal rod on which meat is grilled or broiled
  2. pointed wooden pole