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अध्वर्यु (adhvaryúm

  1. one who institutes an अध्वर (adhvara)
  2. any officiating priest
  3. a priest of a particular class (as distinguished from the होतृ (hotṛ), the उद्गातृ (udgātṛ), and the ब्रह्मन् (brahman) classes. The adhvaryu priests "had to measure the ground, to build the altar, to prepare the sacrificial vessels, to fetch wood and water, to light the fire, to bring the animal and immolate it"; whilst engaged in these duties, they had to repeat the hymns of the Yajurveda, hence that veda itself is also called adhvaryu)
  4. (in the plural) the adherents of the Yajurveda


Masculine u-stem declension of अध्वर्यु
Nom. sg. अध्वर्युः (adhvaryuḥ)
Gen. sg. अध्वर्योः (adhvaryoḥ)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative अध्वर्युः (adhvaryuḥ) अध्वर्यू (adhvaryū) अध्वर्यवः (adhvaryavaḥ)
Vocative अध्वर्यो (adhvaryo) अध्वर्यू (adhvaryū) अध्वर्यवः (adhvaryavaḥ)
Accusative अध्वर्युम् (adhvaryum) अध्वर्यू (adhvaryū) अध्वर्यून् (adhvaryūn)
Instrumental अध्वर्युणा (adhvaryuṇā) अध्वर्युभ्याम् (adhvaryubhyām) अध्वर्युभिः (adhvaryubhiḥ)
Dative अध्वर्यवे (adhvaryave) अध्वर्युभ्याम् (adhvaryubhyām) अध्वर्युभ्यः (adhvaryubhyaḥ)
Ablative अध्वर्योः (adhvaryoḥ) अध्वर्युभ्याम् (adhvaryubhyām) अध्वर्युभ्यः (adhvaryubhyaḥ)
Genitive अध्वर्योः (adhvaryoḥ) अध्वर्य्वोः (adhvaryvoḥ) अध्वर्यूणाम् (adhvaryūṇām)
Locative अध्वर्यौ (adhvaryau) अध्वर्य्वोः (adhvaryvoḥ) अध्वर्युषु (adhvaryuṣu)


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