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Literally “growth”, “expansion”, “creation”, “development”, “swelling of the spirit or soul”, from the verbal root बृंहति(bṛṃhati), बृह्(√bṛh, to increase, grow, expand), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰerǵʰ-(to become high, rise, elevate). .

Proper noun[edit]

ब्रह्मन् ‎(bráhmanm

  1. Brahma or the one impersonal universal Spirit manifested as a personal Creator and as the first of the triad of personal gods.


ब्रह्मन् ‎(bráhmann

  1. pious effusion or utterance, outpouring of the heart in worshipping the gods, prayer
  2. the sacred word (as opp. to वाच्(vāc), the word of man), the Veda, a sacred text, a text or mantra used as a spell
  3. the Brahmana portion of the Veda
  4. the sacred syllable om

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