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Borrowing from Sanskrit ऋषि (ṛ́ṣi), from Proto-Indo-Iranian *(H)rši-.



ऋषि (ŕṣim

  1. a rishi, sage


Declension of ऋषि
Singular Plural
Direct ऋषि (ŕṣi) ऋषि (ŕṣi)
Oblique ऋषि (ŕṣi) ऋषियों (ŕṣiyõ)
Vocative ऋषि (ŕṣi) ऋषियो (ŕṣiyo)



From Proto-Indo-Iranian *r̥šíš; cognate with Avestan 𐬆𐬭𐬆𐬱𐬌𐬱 (ərəšiš, seer). Morphologically probably formed from verbal root अर्षति (arṣati, to flow, pour).


  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /ŕ̩.ʂi/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈr̩.ʂi/
  • Noun[edit]

    ऋषि (ṛ́ṣim

    1. A rishi: a singer of sacred hymns, an inspired poet or sage, any person who alone or with others invokes the deities in rhythmical speech or song of a sacred character (e.g. the ancient hymn-singers कुत्स (kutsa), अत्रि (atri), रेभ (rebha), अगस्त्य (agastya), कुशिक (kuśika), वसिष्ठ (vasiṣṭha), व्यश्व (vy-aśva))
      • RV 1.31.1
        तवमग्ने परथमो अङगिरा रषिर्देवो देवानामभवः शिवः सखा |
        तव वरते कवयो विद्मनापसो.अजायन्त मरुतो भराजद्र्ष्टयः ||
        tvamaghne prathamo aṅghirā ṛṣirdevo devānāmabhavaḥ śivaḥ sakhā |
        tava vrate kavayo vidmanāpaso.ajāyanta maruto bhrājadṛṣṭayaḥ ||
        Thou, Agni, wast the earliest Aṅgiras, a Seer; thou wast, a God thyself, the Gods’ auspicious Friend.
        After thy holy ordinance the Maruts, sage, active through wisdom, with their glittering spears, were born.
    2. (post-Vedic) Rishi: as patriarchal sages or saints that occupy the same position in India history as the heroes and patriarchs of other countries, and constitute a peculiar class of beings in the early mythical system, as distinct from gods, men, Asuras etc.
    3. (astronomy) The seven rishis form the constellation Ursa Major
      • RV 10.82.2
        विश्वकर्मा विमना आद विहाया धाता विधाता परमोतसन्द्र्क |
        तेषामिष्टानि समिषा मदन्ति यत्रासप्तर्षीन पर एकमाहुः ||
        viśvakarmā vimanā ād vihāyā dhātā vidhātā paramotasandṛk |
        teṣāmiṣṭāni samiṣā madanti yatrāsaptaṛṣīn para ekamāhuḥ ||
        Mighty in mind and power is Visvakarman, Maker, Disposer, and most lofty Presence.
        Their offerings joy in rich juice where they value One, only One, beyond the Seven Ṛṣis.
    4. (figuratively) The seven rishis may stand for the seven senses or the seven vital airs of the body.
    5. A saint or sanctified sage in general, an ascetic, anchorite.
    6. The seventh of the eight degrees of Brahmins.
    7. A hymn or mantra composed by a rishi.
    8. A veda.
    9. A symbolical expression for the number seven.
    10. The moon.
    11. An imaginary circle.
    12. A ray of light.
    13. The fish Cyprinus rishi.


    Masculine i-stem declension of ऋषि
    Nom. sg. ऋषिः (ṛṣiḥ)
    Gen. sg. ऋषेः (ṛṣeḥ)
    Singular Dual Plural
    Nominative ऋषिः (ṛṣiḥ) ऋषी (ṛṣī) ऋषयः (ṛṣayaḥ)
    Vocative ऋषे (ṛṣe) ऋषी (ṛṣī) ऋषयः (ṛṣayaḥ)
    Accusative ऋषिम् (ṛṣim) ऋषी (ṛṣī) ऋषीन् (ṛṣīn)
    Instrumental ऋषिणा (ṛṣiṇā) ऋषिभ्याम् (ṛṣibhyām) ऋषिभिः (ṛṣibhiḥ)
    Dative ऋषये (ṛṣaye) ऋषिभ्याम् (ṛṣibhyām) ऋषिभ्यः (ṛṣibhyaḥ)
    Ablative ऋषेः (ṛṣeḥ) ऋषिभ्याम् (ṛṣibhyām) ऋषिभ्यः (ṛṣibhyaḥ)
    Genitive ऋषेः (ṛṣeḥ) ऋष्योः (ṛṣyoḥ) ऋषीणाम् (ṛṣīṇām)
    Locative ऋषौ (ṛṣau) ऋष्योः (ṛṣyoḥ) ऋषिषु (ṛṣiṣu)