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Borrowed from Persian جایگاه (jâygâh), جاگه (jâgah), from جا (), جای (jây, place) + گاه (-gâh, location suffix). Cognate with Old Deccani جاگاہ (jāgāh), Marathi जागा (j̈āgā), Bengali জায়গা (jayga), Assamese জেগা (zega).

The shortening of the vowels may be due to influence from जगत् (jagat, world).[1]



जगह (jagahf (Urdu spelling جگہ)

  1. place, site
    हम कौनसी जगह आ गये?ham kaunsī jagah ā gaye?Where have we come? (literally, “What place have we come to?”)
    Synonym: स्थान (sthān)
  2. space, room, space
    मेट्रो में कभी बैठने की जगह नहीं मिलती।
    meṭro mẽ kabhī baiṭhne kī jagah nahī̃ miltī.
    One can never find a space to sit in the metro.
    जगह छोड़नाjagah choṛnāto leave some room
  3. vacancy (e.g. for a job)


Declension of जगह
Singular Plural
Direct जगह (jagah) जगह (jagah)
Oblique जगह (jagah) जगहों (jaghõ)
Vocative जगह (jagah) जगहो (jagho)

Derived terms[edit]


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