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Borrowed from Persian جایگاه(jâygâh), جاگه(jâgah), from جا(), جای(jây, place) + گاه(-gâh, location suffix). Cognate with Old Deccani جاگاہ(jāgāh), Marathi जागा (jāgā), Bengali জায়গা (jaẏga), Assamese জেগা (zega).

The shortening of the vowels may be due to influence from जगत् (jagat, world).[1]


  • (Delhi Hindi) IPA(key): /d͡ʒə.ɡɑː/, [d͡ʒə.ɡäː], /d͡ʒə.ɡəɦ/


जगह (jagahf (Urdu spelling جگہ‎)

  1. place, site
    हम कौनसी जगह आ गये?ham kaunsī jagah ā gaye?Where have we come? (literally, “What place have we come to?”)
    Synonym: स्थान (sthān)
  2. space, room, space
    मेट्रो में कभी बैठने की जगह नहीं मिलती।
    meṭro mẽ kabhī baiṭhne kī jagah nahī̃ miltī.
    One can never find a space to sit in the metro.
    जगह छोड़नाjagah choṛnāto leave room
  3. vacancy (e.g. for a job)


Derived terms[edit]


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