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From नन्द् (nand)


नन्दिनी (nandinīf

  1. a daughter.
  2. a husband's sister (= ननान्दृ).
  3. name of दुर्गा.
  4. name of गङ्गा.
  5. name of the river बाण-नाश.
  6. name of one of the मातृs attending on स्कन्द.
  7. name of a fabulous cow (mother of सुरभि and property of the sage वसिष्ठ).
  8. name of the mother of व्याडि.
  9. name of several plants (= तुलसी, जटामांसी, etc.).
  10. a kind of perfume (रेणुका).
  11. a kind of metre.
  12. (music) a particular composition.
  13. name of a locality.


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