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Morpholgically derived from the √sṛ ‎(√sṛ, to flow, run, speed). Commonly held to be comparable to Ancient Greek ὁρμή ‎(hormḗ), as if from Proto-Indo-European *sórmos, o-grade derivative of *ser- ‎(to flow, stream).


सर्म ‎(sármam

  1. going, running, flowing
    • RV 1.80.5d
      इन्द्रो वर्त्रस्य दोधतः सानुं वज्रेण हीळितः |
      अभिक्रम्याव जिघ्नते.अपः सर्माय चोदयन्न् अनु स्वराज्यम् ||
      indro vṛtrasya dodhataḥ sānuṃ vajreṇa hīḷitaḥ |
      abhikramyāva jighnate.apaḥ sarmāya codayannarcann ánu svarâjyam ||
      The wrathful Indra with his bolt of thunder rushing on the foe,
      Smote fierce on trembling Vṛtra's back, and loosed the waters free to run, lauding his own imperial sway.



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