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Old English[edit]


ᚷᚫᚷᚩᚷᚫ (gægogæf

  1. The meaning of this term is uncertain. Possibilities include:
    • ᚷᚫᚷᚩᚷᚫ᛫ᛗᚫᚷᚫᛗᛖᛞᚢ (gægogæ mægæ medu)
      (some possible translations)
      this she-wolf is a reward to a kinsman
      abracadabra: to a kinsman this reward
    1. password
    2. howling she-wolf
    3. magical formula

Usage notes[edit]

  • The meaning of this word, dating from ca. 475 CE, is uncertain. The definitions suggested are only hypothetical.