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Etymology 1


From Proto-Tai *miːᴬ (to have). Cognate with Thai มี (mii), Northern Thai ᨾᩦ, Khün ᨾᩦ, Lao ມີ (), Tai Dam ꪣꪲ, Shan မီး (míi), Zhuang miz, Ahom 𑜉𑜣 ().



ᦙᦲ (mii) (abstract noun ᦂᦱᧃᦙᦲ)

  1. to have (possession, relationship, attribute).
  2. to exist; there is, there are.

Etymology 2


From Mandarin (), shortened from 米突 (mǐtū), from English metre.



ᦙᦲ (mii)

  1. (China) metre (unit of length).

Further reading

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