there is

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Alternative forms[edit]


there is

  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be. Used to indicate the existence of something physical or abstract in a particular place. see also there are.
    There is a man here to see you.
    There is a flaw in your argument.
    • 1993 November 27, Gene Roddenberry et al., “Parallels”, Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 7, episode 11, Paramount Pictures:
      Data: For any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcome will follow.
    • 2006 April 15, Russell T. Davies, “New Earth”, Doctor Who, Phil Collinson (producer), British Broadcasting Corporation:
      The Doctor: We can’t let a single particle of disease get out. There is ten million people in that city. They’d all be [at] risk.

Usage notes[edit]

  • When introducing more than one noun phrase, the verb agrees with the number of the first noun phrase.
    There is a swing and a seesaw for kids.