il y a

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  • IPA(key): /i.l‿i.j‿a/, /i.lja/, (colloquial) /i.ja/, /ja/
    • (file)
  • (Louisiana) IPA(key): [ja], [ina], [na]


il y a (infinitive y avoir, interrogative form y a-t-il, negative form il n’y a pas)

  1. impersonal singular present indicative of y avoir: there is, there are
    Synonym: (very colloquial) y a
    Il y a un problème.There is a problem.
    Il y a deux personnes ici.There are two people here.

Derived terms[edit]


il y a

  1. ago
    Je l’ai vu il y a longtemps.
    I saw it a long time ago.
    Elle est allée en France il y a deux ans.She went to France two years ago.
    C’est il y a dix ans que je suis allé aux États-Unis.It was ten years ago that I went to the United States.