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From Proto-Finnic *-lla, from earlier *-l-na, composed of an element *-l- (external locative infix) and the essive/locative suffix *-na.


-lla (front vowel harmony variant -llä)

  1. Case suffix of the adessive case. Adessive is used in Finnish:
    1. to indicate position being on top of something, often equivalent to English "on"
      Pullo on pöydällä.
      The bottle is on the table.
    2. to indicate whereabouts, often equivalent to English "at"
      Olen huomenna toimistolla.
      I'll be at the office tomorrow.
    3. with the verb olla (to be, to have) to indicate ownership
      Minulla on kaunis talo.
      I have a beautiful house.
    4. with the verb olla (to be, to have) to describe feelings and sensations
      Minulla on nälkä.
      I'm hungry.
    5. to indicate instruments, often equivalent to English "with"
      Syön veitsellä ja haarukalla.
      I eat with a knife and fork.
    6. to indicate being with something, used mostly about food and drinks
      Kuppi kahvia kermalla.
      A cup of coffee with cream.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The case suffix is suffixed to the genitive stem.

See also[edit]

  • -lle (allative case)
  • -lta (ablative case)




  1. only, just
    qam (you)qamlla (only you)