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  1. a non-sweetened jelly (substance)

Derived terms[edit]

  • 청포묵, white mung-bean jelly (also 녹두묵)
  • 황포묵, yellow mung-bean jelly
  • 도토리묵, acorn jelly
  • 메밀묵, buckwheat jelly
  • 녹두묵 (nokdumuk) -- muk made from mung bean starch
  • (norangmuk) -- muk made from mung bean starch, and colored yellow with gardenia coloring
  • 깨묵 (kkaemuk) -- muk made from sesame seeds
  • 묵무침 (mukmuchim)
  • 묵볶음 (mukbokkeum) -- a stir-fried muk dish.
  • 묵장아찌 (mukjangajji) -- marinated muk in ganjang
  • 묵전유어 (mukjeonyueo)
  • 묵전 (mukjeon) -- made by pan-frying sliced muk that has been coated with mung bean starch.
  • 묵사발 (muksabal)
  • 묵밥 (mukbap) -- cold soup made with muk and sliced vegetables