𐎹𐎒𐎴𐎠 𐏐 𐎫𐎣𐎲𐎼𐎠

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Old Persian[edit]


From 𐎹𐎒𐎴𐎠 (Yaunā, β€œGreek, Ionian”) and 𐎫𐎣𐎲𐎼 (takabara). Literally means "Greeks with hats that look like shields",[1] probably a reference to the kausia hat typically worn by the ancient Macedonians. Compare 𐎿𐎣𐎠 𐏐 𐎫𐎑πŽ₯𐎼𐎧𐎒𐎭𐎠 (Sakā tigraxaudā, β€œa Scythian people”, literally β€œwearing pointed caps Sacae”).

Proper noun[edit]

𐎹𐎒𐎴𐎠 𐏐 𐎫𐎣𐎲𐎼𐎠 (Yaunā takabarā)

  1. Ancient Macedonian (person)


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