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Punctuation mark[edit]


  1. Draws attention to a particular statement, or suggests that the writer thinks it remarkable or nonsensical.
    Despite his bizarre claims that all feminists are rapists (!), his paper has some salient points.
    • Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Das Kapital, chapter 3, section 1:
      Herr David Urquhart bemerkt in seinen "Familiar Words" über das Ungeheuerliche (!), daß heutzutage ein Pfund (£ St.), die Einheit des englischen Geldmaßstabs, gleich ungefähr 1/4 Unze Gold ist: "Das ist Fälschung eines Maßes und nicht Festsetzung eines Maßstabs."
    • Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Capital, chapter 3, section 1:
      David Urquhart remarks in his "Familiar Words" on the monstrosity (!) that now-a-days a pound (sterling), which is the unit of the English standard of money, is equal to about a quarter of an ounce of gold. "This is falsifying a measure, not establishing a standard."
  2. Indicates a sarcastic tone of voice.

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