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((( )))

  1. (dated, text messaging) A hug.[1]

Usage notes[edit]

  • The name of the person being hugged is placed within the brackets.


FireIcon.svg This English term is a hot word. Its inclusion on Wiktionary is provisional.


A practice started by an anti-Semitic podcast called The Daily Shoah hosted on the rightist blog The Right Stuff, with the claim that all Jewish surnames ‘echo’ throughout history.[1]


((( )))

  1. (Nazism, neologism, text messaging) Indicates somebody or something of Jewish background.[1]
    (((Daniel Burros))) enlisted in the National Guard while still in high school and wore his uniform to class on drill days.
  2. (neologism, text messaging) Indicates anybody in solidarity with Jews.[2][3]
    • 2017, Brian Fung, Even 4chan is opposing the Republican plan for net neutrality (in The Washington Post, July 12)
      "Hopefully /pol/ can be unanimous on this, and not disagree with it just to be ironic or edgy. "Just this once," wrote another user, who added that as much as he or she hated "agreeing with liberal[s]... they're right on this one. (((internet service providers))) will get way too much power if we let them."