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Inverted by analogy with ((( ))).


))) (((

  1. (Nazism, neologism, text messaging) Indicates somebody or something of pure non-Jewish background.[1][2]
    Soon after his marriage, )))Oskar Schindler((( quit working for his father and took a series of jobs, including a position at Moravian Electrotechnic and the management of a driving school.


  1. ^ Echo”, in Anti-Defamation League, accessed 2021-03-17: “Following this, some anti-Semites began using inverted parentheses themselves, on their own screen names, to indicate that they were not Jewish or were anti-Jewish.”
  2. ^ Amanda Hess (2016-06-10), “For the Alt-Right, the Message Is in the Punctuation”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331