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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Mongolic *-xur from earlier *-pur as evidenced by Evenki cognates [1]

Alternative forms[edit]

  • -уул (-uul) (by dissimilation after stems containing r)


-уур (-uur) (Mongolian spelling ᠭᠤᠷ (ɣur)) (complying with vowel harmony)

  1. forms instrument nouns out of verbs
Derived terms[edit]

See also[edit]
  • -уурь (-uurʹ) (superficially similar suffix)
  • -уул (-uul) (creates names of occupations, not to be confused with the dissimilated form of this suffix)

Etymology 2[edit]

Similar in shape and meaning to the instrumental case -аар (-aar) suffix. Not present in Classical Mongolian.


-уур (-uur) (Mongolian spelling ᠭᠤᠷ (ɣur)) (complying with vowel harmony)

  1. Uses spatial roots to form adverbs denoting approximate location or movement along the side.
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  1. ^ Nicholas Poppe (1960), “On some Mongolian loan words in Evenki”, in Central Asiatic Studies, volume V, issue 4