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From Persian خانه (xâne, house).

Originally borrowed as part of composite nouns like китапхана (kitapxana, library), дарыухана (darïwxana, pharmacy), later became productive within Bashkir, adding to nouns of Persian, Arabic and Turkic origin.

Compare with suffixes of the same meaning and origin in other Turkic languages: Azerbaijani -xana, Kazakh -хана (-xana), Uzbek -xona, Turkish -hane, etc.


  • IPA(key): [-χɑ.ˈnɑ], IPA(key): [-χä.ˈnä]
  • Hyphenation: -ха‧на


-хана (-xana)

  1. An establishment where a specific type of products or services is available

Derived terms[edit]