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From Persian خانه ‎(xâne, house).

Originally borrowed as part of composite nouns like китапхана ‎(kitapxana, library), дарыухана ‎(darïwxana, pharmacy), later became productive within Bashkir, adding to nouns of Persian, Arabic and Turkic origin.

Compare with suffixes of the same meaning and origin in other Turkic languages: Azeri -xanå, Kazakh -хана ‎(-xana), Uzbek -xona, Turkish -hane, etc.


  • IPA(key): [-χɑ.ˈnɑ], IPA(key): [-χä.ˈnä]
  • Hyphenation: -ха‧на


-хана ‎(-xana)

  1. An establishment where a specific type of products or services is available

Derived terms[edit]