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Alternative forms[edit]

  • -aimid (broad version)
  • -aímid (second conjugation (broad))
  • -ímid (second conjugation (slender))



  1. Synthetic present tense ending of Irish verbs, corresponding to we:
    zero ending (first person plural)

Usage notes[edit]

  • This form is attached to first-conjugation verbs with stems ending in either a sender consonant or a vowel;
  • Used in place of the pronoun sinn:
    feic + ‎-imid → ‎feicimid(we see)
    súigh + ‎-imid → ‎súimid(we suck) (stem sú-)
  • In certain dialects, namely Ulster Irish, the synthetic is replaced with analytical present tense plus pronoun muid:
    Súnn muid(we suck)

Related terms[edit]