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From German Meister (master", "champion)




  1. An expert on the specified subject.
  2. A person in charge of a specified thing.
  3. A suffix attached to a person's name in humorous (or ironic) approbation.
    • The festival is something of a muso's paradise, with the Bobmeister General (you may know him as Geldof), former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman with his band The Rhythm Kings, Bernard Butler and Bert Jansch and Dublin-based electronic knob-twiddler Autamata all turning out. — "Galway Gets Festive", The Irish Times, July 9, 2004 [1]
    • But 2011 hasn’t started well for the Govemeister. [Reference to Michael Gove, then UK Secretary of State for Education] — engagedlearning.co.uk, January 15, 2011 [2]

Usage notes[edit]

  • Sometimes used to point up a German association.

Derived terms[edit]