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  1. Used in the names of software houses.
    • 1989, David J. Maguire, Computers in geography
      ViewStore is a general purpose data base management system for Acorn microcomputers. It is supplied by Acornsoft and it is compatible with the word processing package View, the spreadsheet package ViewSheet and the rest of the View range.
    • 1995, Charter (volume 66, issues 1-5, page 34)
      Catsoft Assets is a complete PC-based fixed asset management system designed specifically for use by the accountancy profession.
    • 1998, Chris Andrews, The education of a CD-ROM publisher:
      After getting no response from the Mirrorsoft people, I got angry and called London to get the number for Maxwell Communications.
    • 2005, Matthew MacDonald, Pro .NET 2.0 Windows Forms and custom controls in C#
      Even in a painstakingly designed application like Microsoft Word, automatic features for capitalizing text and applying formatting often confound users of all levels.
    • 2015, Geoff Hamilton, ‎Brian Jones, Encyclopedia of American Popular Fiction
      For six years Thomas exploited the prize and his fame, using the jewel as collateral to found the video game company Haresoft and its 1985 two-part release, Hareraiser, a puzzle game featuring the Masquerade hare as the prize.