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From splain, itself from explain, following the pattern of mansplain



  1. (slang) A suffix combined with a descriptive adjective or noun to create a verb meaning someone who fits that description condescendingly explaining something to someone who does not fit that description (especially, something the listener has more experience of).
    • 2012 December 22, Bunnika, “For reblogging: No crip has to be nice to ableists”, in Cumulative notes for the Zōon Politikon[1], retrieved 2014-04-27:
      So please, don’t ablesplain to me. Especially when you have no idea about the context of what bigotry you’re trying to justify.
    • 2013 January 15, Dan O'Connor, “Dan Callahan Thinsplains Obesity”, in Berman Institute Bioethics Bulletin[2], retrieved 2013-04-28:
      You see, thinsplains Callahan, because nothing else seems to be working, we must turn to making obese people feel bad about themselves in order to shed the pounds.
    • 2014 March 14, Katy Waldman, “Princeton Mom's One Saving Grace”, in The XX Factor[3]:
      The PM urges 29-year-old Princeton alum O’Connor to decide immediately whether she wants a husband and children, and it sounds a lot like momsplaining to O’Connor that she definitely wants a husband and children.

Derived terms[edit]