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0-8-0 (plural 0-8-0s)

  1. Under the Whyte notation system, a steam locomotive, with four axles connecting eight powered driving wheels, and no leading wheels or trailing wheels.
    • 1965, Philip Shuster, Eugene L. Huddleston, Alvin F. Staufer, C & O power: steam and diesel locomotives of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, 1900-1965, page 16:
      This group of 30 0-8-0’s came from Baldwin between July and October 1948 and were given road numbers 255 to 284 (C/N 74024 to 74053) pushing aside several 4-4-2’s in the 275-284 bracket in the process.
    • 2006, Joe Welsh, Jim Boyd, William F. Howes, The American Railroad: Working for the Nation, page 118:
      The last new steam locomotive for a Class 1 U.S. railroad was an 0-8-0 built in December 1953 by the Norfolk & Western's home shop in Roanoke, Virginia.
    • 2012, Frederick A. Talbot, Railway Wonders of the World, page 215:
      It was taken back to the shops and converted into an 0-8-0 engine for heavy goods traffic.

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