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Alternative forms[edit]


1-D RCM (plural 1-D RCMs)

  1. (climatology) Initialism of one dimensional radiative-convective model.
    • 1983, Richard P. Turco et al., “Nuclear winter: Global consequences of multiple nuclear explosions”, in Science[1], volume 222, number 4630, →ISSN, page 1284:
      Although the 1-D RCM can predict only horizontally, diurnally, and seasonally averaged conditions, it is capable of estimating the first-order climate responses of the atmosphere, which is our intention in this study.
    • 1989, C.J.E. Schuurmans, “Changes in Atmospheric Composition and Climate”, in Atmospheric Ozone Research and its Policy Implications, Amsterdam: Elsevier, →ISBN, page 79:
      [C]limate is far to[sic] complex to describe in a 1-dimensional fashion. Fortunately, 3-D models of the earth-atmosphere system, so-called General Circulation Models (GCM's), exist which more or less confirm the responses computed by 1-D RCM's.