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  • IPA(key): /θɜːˌtiːnθ ˈmʌnθ/


13th month (plural 13th months)

  1. (Singapore, Philippines, generally attributive) a one-month (or more) bonus paid to employees at the end of the financial year.
    • 1972 April 29, The Straits Times: Two Choices for Employers, page 1:
      A fixed 13th Month Payment is introduced, freezing all previous bonus payments and is payable on the following basis: (a) where bonus of one month’s pay or more was paid in respect of the last three annual bonus payments, the 13th Month Payment shall be equivalent to the average of bonuses paid in the last three years or the last annual bonus paid, whichever is higher, subject to a maximum of three months’ pay.
    • 1972 December 21, The Straits Times: ANZUK’s Civilians to get 13-month pay, page 12:
      An ANZUK spokesman last night said the decision to pay civilian employees a 13th month payment (cost: about $1 million) was approved by the Australian government early this year to be in line with the Singapore Government’s policy.
    • 1974 November 4, New Nation: An extra month…, page 3:
      According to sources, circulars have been sent to all officers informing them that their 13th month pay will include the National Wages Council recommendations for wage increase for last year and this year
    • 2013, “Saving $100k by the time you are 30 years old”, in Investment Moats[1], retrieved 2015-11-03:
      In this cost cutting era [...] many banks do not even give out 13th months.
    • 2014 December 31, Goodbye 2014, Hello 13th Month Bonus?[2]:
      The Annual Wage Supplement is also known as the 13th month bonus which you will receive in addition of your December’s salary.