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  1. (US) Police code for murder, in the State of California.
    • 1992, Ian Slater, WW III: Warshot, page 148:
      A code one-eight-seven on Jefferson one-four-eight-nine. Corner store—7-Eleven." A 187 was a homicide, Jefferson, the other side of town. ...
    • 2003, Mark Anthony Neal, Songs in the Key of Black Life: A Rhythm and Blues Nation, page 164:
      […] and Snoop Dogg blatantly rapped about doing "187 on an undercover cop" on [….]
    • 2004, Malcolm W. Klein, Gang Cop: The Words and Ways of Officer Paco Domingo, page 131:
      Paco came across a wall that, in the large block letters of local Hispanic gang graffiti, spelled out “187 Domingo.” This was the ultimate threat for Paco [….]
    • 2004, Stephen J. Cannell, Vertical Coffin, page 256:
      Perp at this address is a possible One-eight-seven P. Request a unit respond Code Three." The RTO came back immediately and put out the call division-wide.
    • 2004, Cash Pawley, Pray for Death, page 21:
      Respond to a one-eight-seven at nine-eight-six Cove Road North," the dispatcher continued in her heavy southern drawl. "10-4... En route.[….]

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