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Alternative forms[edit]


2L (plural 2Ls)

  1. (law) The second year of law school.
    • 2001, Eric Owens, Complete Book of Law Schools, 2002 Edition, page 254:
      2L and 3L programs in moot court and trial advocacy are optional.
    • 2003, Richard Harrison et al, Working on Mysteries: The Coming of Age, page 26:
      During 2L year Charles was the spokesperson for a highly visible committee of graduate and undergraduate students...
    • 2004, Robert Harrax Miller, Law School Confidential: A Complete Guide to the Law School Experience, page 373:
      Almost every interviewer you'll see during 3L recruiting will ask you whether you received an offer from your 2L firm...
  2. (law) A law student in the second year of law school.
    • 1999, Broken Contract: A Memoir of Harvard Law School, page 13,
      When I told a group of 2L friends of mine about my fate my first day, they reminisced in minute detail about the first individual to be called on in their section a year earlier.
    • 2001, Andrew J. McClurg, The Law School Trip: The Insider's Guide to Law School, page 56:
      Few activities are more fulfilling to 2Ls and 3Ls than giving advice to new students.
    • 2003, Jungle Media Group, The JD Jungle Law School Survival Guide, page 69:
      ...it's up to the 2L member editors to make sure that an article's footnotes are accurately and correctly cited.
    • 2005, J. Keith Essmyer, Jr., Stress, Tests, and Success: The Ultimate Law School Survival Guide, iUniverse, →ISBN, page 31,
      Many law schools assign 1L’s a 2L or 3L as a mentor for the 1L to learn from.
    • 2007, Vault Editors, The Law School Buzz Book, page 297:
      The top of the 2L class landed some summer associate positions at all but the most prestigious firms in DC...