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  1. Acronym of army area communications system.
    • 1969, United States Department of the Army, Arsenal for the Brave:
      The Army Area Communication System (AACOMS) had been developed to provide tactical long haul multichannel communications for the Army. New developments of equipment components for AACOMS had been primarily multiplexing and radio relay equipment.
    • 1969, United States Congres. Hous. Committee on Appropriations, Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970:
      AACOMS employs a variety of communications assemblages consisting of radio relay and multiplexing equipment and ancillary items mounted in shelter or trailer facilities to meet tactical field army requirements.
    • 1987, United States Congress Senate Committee on Appropriations, Department of Defense appropriations for fiscal year 1988:
      The Army has a mix of four generations of tactical communications equipment in the area network: Army Area Communications Systems (AACOMS) , Army Tactical Communications System (ATACS) , Improved Army Tactical Communications System (IATACS), and a limited amount of the Joint Tactical Communications System (TRI-TAC) . The preponderence of the IATACS and TRI-TAC equipment is in the active force. AACOMS equipment, which is in limited quantities within the Guard units, is compatible only with AACOMS equipment and is being phased out.