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Adonize (third-person singular simple present Adonizes, present participle Adonizing, simple past and past participle Adonized)

  1. Alternative form of adonise
    • 1821, Love's Dream; a petite opera, in two acts., page 29:
      But do pray recover your senses time enough to see me married—so run and dress yourself, make yourself gay; fly Simon and Adonize your master.
    • 1838, P. D., Pattie's modern stage: a collection of the most approved and popular Dramas:
      Oh, never mind — you have asked me now— that will do — make no apologies for the lateness of the invitation — I'll Adonize and be with you — a dinner is a sort of extempore performance.
    • 1823, Tales of a tourist - Volumes 1-2, page 148:
      This was an intimation Pendennis by no means thought it prudent to neglect ; and being,: among other things, a great coxcomb, he took out his watch, and observing he had scarcely time to Adonize himself for dinner, took leave of his fair friends, with the consolatory promise of a very speedy return.
    • 1841, Charles Dickens, William Harrison Ainsworth, & Albert Smith, Bentley's Miscellany - Volume 10, page 253:
      A legion of tailors came to Adonize him, but he puzzled them all.
    • 1842, Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, Robert and Frederick, page 244:
      But come man, up with you ! and begin to Adonize. You are a slow coach, we all know ; and I shall be ready before you, I'll lay any bet, even should I give you ten minutes' advantage.