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Particularly: “Is there a masculine, third-declension Ancient Greek etymon of the form *Ἀλᾱζων (Alāzōn) attested?”


Proper noun[edit]

Alāzōn m (genitive Alāzonos); third declension

  1. the Alazani or Qanıx (a river in Caucasian Albania)
    • AD 70–79, Gaius Valerius Flaccus (author), Otto Kramer (editor), Argonautica (C. Valeri Flacci Setini Balbi Argonauticon Libri Octo, 1913), book VI, lines 99–101:
      nec procul albentes gemina ferit aclyde parmas, // hiberni qui terga Novae gelidumque securi // eruit et tota non audit Alazona ripa.
    • AD 77–79, Gaius Plinius Secundus (author), Harris Rackham (translator), Naturalis Historia, book VI, chapter xi, § 29 (volume II [1942], page 358):
      Planitiem omnem a Cyro usque Albanorum gens tenet, mox Hiberum discreta ab his amne Alazone in Cyrum Caucasis montibus defluente.
      All the plain from the Kur onward is occupied by the race of the Albani and then that of the Hiberes, separated from the Albani by the river Alazon, which flows down from Mount Caucasus into the Cyrus. ― translation from the same source, page 359


Third declension, Greek type.

Case Singular
Nominative Alāzōn
Genitive Alāzonos
Dative Alāzonī
Accusative Alāzona
Ablative Alāzone
Vocative Alāzōn