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Albanian +‎ -ize


Albanianize (third-person singular simple present Albanianizes, present participle Albanianizing, simple past and past participle Albanianized)

  1. to make Albanian.
    • 1992, Ruža Petrović, Marina Blagoǰević, The migration of Serbs and Montenegrins from Kosovo and Metohija: results of the survey conducted in 1985-1986
      The idea was to prevent the many Serbian and Montenegrin members of the Party from having any influence and to Albanianize the organization so that it could discriminate against those opposed to the ethnic purge of Kosovo.
    • 2009, International Journal of Turkish Studies
      Kostovicova has interpreted the attempts of Albanian historiography to Albanianize the Battle of Kosova as intended “to suit the imperative of national unity behind a national claim to territory in the post-1990 period.”
    • 2014, Götz Nordbruch, Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe: Muslim Activists and Thinkers, Springer (→ISBN), page 46:
      Moreover, the fact that the majority of the population was Muslim led some political and religious actors not only to try to Albanianize, but also to “Europeanize” and “modernize” Islam in the country.